The patch fixes the problem with the overflow message and gets my connection
speed back up.  Which is good.  Unfotunately my display is having problems.
Not nearly as much as before but still noticable and a little annoying.


> :Hi,
> :
> :ok so I am having a couple of problems.
> :
> :The first is that I get tons of "sio0: x more silo overflows" messages when I 
> :boot an SMP enabled kernel under the latest 5.0 source.  Well as of friday I 
> :re'cvs-upped.
> :
> :I can get rid of these by not booting an SMP kernel but then I get really 
> :freaky
> :X stuff happening.  My screen gets all wavy when there is a bunch of stuff
> :being sent out of the video card.  Which is really annoying and causes 
> :headaches.
> :
> :Anyone else having the X problem?  I have seen mention and potential fixes for 
> :the
> :silo overflow problems but it hasnt made it into the current source yet.
> :
> :thanks
> :
> :steve
> :
> :Steve Heistand
>     Steve, please try the patch that Bruce posted a few days ago and tell
>     us if that fixes your problem too.  The patch will almost certainly go
>     in in some form, it hasn't yet only because I wanted a little time to
>     be able to trace out the interrupt path to make sure the patch was ok.

Steve Heistand

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