it boggles my mind as well, but when I comment out the SMP lines in my config 

options         SMP                     # Symmetric MultiProcessor Kernel
options         APIC_IO                 # Symmetric (APIC) I/O
options         NCPU=2                  # number of CPUs

X goes bonkers, the screen randomly shifts back and forth a pixel or so.
But now that SMP mode doesnt slow down my internet connection
I am more or less fine.  The little wiggle left is tolerable for the time 

The only thing I could think of is that the motherboard with the second cpu
not being used gets a voltage spike (or other uncleanliness) and that is 
the video card.  Or perhaps the 40 degrees cooler the thing runs without the
second cpu makes the video card unhappy :)


>     I can't imagine how the display problems could be related to
>     the kernel.  It sounds like a problem I've seen often on old
>     (3+ years) video cards where accellerated modes caused snow to
>     appear on the screen whenever the thing was bit blitting.
>     I would mess around with the options available to you in XF86Config.
>     Read up on the card you have in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc to see what
>     tweaks are available.  You can also try lowering the screen resolution
>     and/or the vertical refresh rate.
>                                               -Matt

Steve Heistand

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