Several people have reported problems with if_dc botching autonegotiation
on 21143 NICs with non-MII media, such as the DEC/Compaq DE500-BA and
the built-in 10/100 ethernet on some alphas. As my first official act
as a BSDi/WC employee, I sat down and tried to fix this. I produced
some patches for if_dc.c/if_dcreg.h and dcphy.c, which are sitting at To apply them, do the following:

# cd /sys/pci
# patch < if_dc.patch
# cd /sys/dev/mii
# patch < dcphy.patch

These patches should work on either 4.0-STABLE or 5.0-CURRENT. (They
should also work on 4.0-RELEASE.) There are also some fixes for the
Macronix 98713A/98715/98715A and the LC82C115 PNIC II, which also
use the 21143-style NWAY interface.

Note that I still need to add code to properly set the LEDs on 21143
boards. I went after the autoneg problem first since it was somewhat
more pressing. In any event, please try these patches and report the
results to [EMAIL PROTECTED]


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