> > - There's one interface involved here
> Correct.
> > - It has a 21143 chip
> Well, the de driver says 21142. The dc driver says 21143.

It's just a difference in chip revision, really.
> This one does not have AUI so that is not going to be a problem. What I do
> wonder, though, is what will happen if a 10/100Mbit bulkhead is installed on
> this machine. I don't expect the PCI ID to change (right?). I can pull
> the 10/100 bulkhead from my Miata GL to give this a try.

It would help if you could look at both of them and tell me what chips
are on them. The 21143 can do 10Mbps all by itself, but for 100Mbps
you'd need an extra transceiver. I've been working under the assumption
that they're just using the built-in 10baseT port on the 21143, but
it's possible they're using the GPIO bits to do some funny business
to switch the ports.
> In the meantime I gave your patch a quick try and I unfortunately don't
> see a change in behaviour. Still watchdog timeouts and no connection.
> Question: I had expected dmesg and ifconfig to report 10Mbit only modes.
> They still show 100 as supported media in addition to the 10Mbit modes.

You have to be able to tell that the chip only supports 10Mbps modes.
The 21143 is a 100Mbps chip, and only in certain cases do people design
10Mbps-only NICs around it. The problem is that to know if you've got
only 10Mbps, you normally have to slog through the SROM info, however a
lot of card vendors get this wrong, so I don't even bother with it.
> There is something else that might interest you: when replacing a 10 Mbit
> only bulkhead with a 10/100 one you need to connect it to the PCI bulkhead
> with a different cable to a different connector (on the PCI bulkhead). The
> 10/100 one is silkscreened as MII. 

Then it probably has a 10/100 PHY on it. Assuming the driver can probe
it without having to flip any magic GPIO bits, it should work.

> Could this mean the driver sees a MII interface while in this particular
> setup the bulkhead is connected to something non-MII ? Wild guess maybe..

I'm sure it is non-MII. It's still supposed to work, however it's hard
to tell just what I'm supposed to do to make it happy from way over here.


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