On 05/30/16 10:37, Matthias Apitz wrote:

> Yesterday I pulled via svn co ... a fresh r300951 and started the buildworld 
> as
> # make -j2 buildworld
> it ended today at lunchtime after 18 hours. The laptop has 2x Intel Atom 
> 1.6GHz
> and 1 GByte RAM and was otherwise unused. Is this the normal buildworld time 
> of
> today? I think it spent most of the time in building the llvm...

Sadly, this is pretty normal these days :-(

It'd be cool if we could drop some of the cross-build targets (like
AArch64, AMDGPU, ARM, AVR, Hexagon, MSP430, Mips, NVPTX, PowerPC, Sparc,
SystemZ and XCore when on an x86) from machines not in need of them,


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