On 06/04/16 13:47, Konstantin Belousov wrote:

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> I believe that this is a bug in amd64 pmap. Fictitious pages are not
> promoted, in particular, the pv_table array does not span over the
> dynamically registered fictitious ranges. As result, pa_to_pvh() returns
> garbage and pvh must not be accessed in the case of 'small_mappings' in
> several pmap functions.  It is typically not accessed, except in case
> when we have to drop and reacquire pv lock, to avoid LOR with pmap.
> i386 does not have the issue, due to pvh_global_lock.
> Below is the supposed fix (not tested).

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Is this something I should test and, should it not introduce any other
issues, might get committed?


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