On 2016-Jun-13, at 3:27 PM, Bryan Drewery <bdrew...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> On 6/11/2016 7:28 PM, Mark Millard wrote:
>> mergemaster [as an example] has code like:
>>> # grep -i make /usr/sbin/mergemaster | more
>> . . .
>>> MM_MAKE="make ${ARCHSTRING} -m ${SOURCEDIR}/share/mk"
>>>        ${MM_MAKE} DESTDIR=${DESTDIR} distrib-dirs >/dev/null
>>>      ${MM_MAKE} DESTDIR=${TEMPROOT} distrib-dirs >/dev/null &&
>>>      ${MM_MAKE} _obj SUBDIR_OVERRIDE=etc >/dev/null &&
>>>      ${MM_MAKE} everything SUBDIR_OVERRIDE=etc >/dev/null &&
>>>      ${MM_MAKE} DESTDIR=${TEMPROOT} distribution >/dev/null;} ||
>> . . .
>> If one is using WITH_META_MODE= for buildworld, buidlkernel, installkernel, 
>> installworld what is appropriate for scripts or other uses of make for other 
>> makefile-targets?
>> Are there explicit mixes of using WITH_META_MODE= for some makefile targets 
>> and not using WITH_META_MODE= for other makefile targets that need to be 
>> avoided? Does one need to force some scripts to use [or not use] 
>> WITH_META_MODE= for their "internal" make usage?
> Is there an actual bug with mergemaster with WITH_META_MODE?
> -- 
> Regards,
> Bryan Drewery

I do not know. I was not sure if lack of WITH_META_MODE=yes for mergemaster's 
internal make uses might mess up later make commands that use 
WITH_META_MODE=yes for explicit make activities. Overall that would be a mix of 
with and without.

As stands I use the following script for mergemaster (TARGET_ARCH=amd64 

# more ~/sys_build_scripts.amd64-host/mergemaster_amd64-amd64-host.sh 
script ~/sys_typescripts/typescript_mergemaster_amd64-amd64-host-$(date 
+%Y-%m-%d:%H:%M:%S) \
env __MAKE_CONF="/root/src.configs/make.conf" 
SRC_ENV_CONF="/root/src.configs/src.conf.amd64-clang-bootstrap.amd64-host" \
MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX="/usr/obj/clang/amd64.amd64" \
mergemaster -A amd64 $*

I've not added WITH_META_MODE=yes to the env yet.

I've been wondering if I should add WITH_META_MODE=yes to such scripts when the 
matching "make" script uses WITH_META_MODE=yes --such as:

# more 
kldload -n filemon && \
 +%Y-%m-%d:%H:%M:%S) \
env __MAKE_CONF="/root/src.configs/make.conf" 
SRC_ENV_CONF="/root/src.configs/src.conf.amd64-clang-bootstrap.amd64-host" \
MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX="/usr/obj/clang/amd64.amd64" \
make $*

[Based on current behavior I normally only use WITH_META_MODE=yes for the host 
targeting its own architecture.]

Mark Millard

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