On 6/14/2016 5:13 PM, Mark Millard wrote:
>> The targets (at top-level) that META_MODE is applied to is a whitelist
>> now after r301887.  So it's safe to always pass it when building from
>> the top-level.  If it's an unsupported target it will internally disable
> So WITH_META_MODE=yes is now always allowed. That still leaves the questions 
> of when WITH_META_MODE=yes is necessary: For example, is it ever required for 
> the likes of mergemaster? (I'll use mergemaster to illustrate a more general 
> question that applies to other potential scripts as well.)

There is no point to provide it to mergemaster or for it to use it
internally.  The recommended way to use this feature is to add it to
/etc/src-env.conf and forget about it or specify it for
buildworld/buildkernel/universe (build) targets.  There is also no harm
in always defining it.  That is the goal at least.

Bryan Drewery

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