> On 15 Jun 2016, at 04:22, David Wolfskill <da...@catwhisker.org> wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 05:17:19PM -0700, Chris H wrote:
>> ...
>> Honestly, I think the best way to motivate people to do the right thing(tm)
>> Would be to remove Yellow Pages from the tree, entirely. :-)
>> It's been dead for *years*, and as you say, isn't safe, anyway..
>> ....
> "Safe" for what, precisely?
> It's a lookup service.  It is not limited to looking up authentication
> information, and never has been.
> And it's a mechanism that has been widely implemented.
> The catchphrase "Tools, not policy" comes to mind.
> Peace,
> david

probably this is a bit too late, but we have been using MIT’s DNS/Hesiod since 
the days
        ypserver not responding
was popular, and true, it’s not only for password/group.

my .5 cents


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