Ed Maste wrote:
On 20 June 2016 at 14:29, Ernie Luzar <luzar...@gmail.com> wrote:
I found the cause of this boot time message
"vicontrol: setting cursor type: Inappropriate ioctl for device"

In my rc.conf I had this statement
vidcontrol -c blink -h 250
From testing it seems that vt does not handle the "blink" option for causing
the cursor to blink. Is there a vt option to enable cursor  blinking

I've submitted two PRs for the issues you reported here:
Bug 210413 - vidcontrol -c <normal|blink|destructive> does not work with vt(4)
Bug 210415 - vidcontrol -h <history size> does not work with vt(4) (edit)

There is currently no option to enable cursor blinking.

Further testing shows that:

1. The rc.conf option screen saver "saver= " and the "blanktime= " options work in vt for both text and graph modes.

2. The cursor copy/paste does not work in vt text mode. It only works in vt graph mode. vt needs to be fixed so copy/paste function also works in text mode.

3. Boot time splash screen does not work in vt at all no matter which mode is enabled. Using this in loader.conf

This works in 10.x. The splash screen function can not be allowed to be removed from the base system just because vt can not handle it. This also means any vt changes need to updated in the handbook section on splash screen.

In conclusion, vt is not ready to replace the sc console driver yet. vt needs to be fixed before becoming the default in 11.0. Using vt as the default console driver effects every user. It completely changes the FreeBSD experience. It's detrimental to the public relations and the professional image of FreeBSD to publish the 11.0-RELEASE using vt in its current condition. If time doesn't permit to get these vt things fixed before publishing 11.0 then vt should not become the default console driver.

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