On the topic of vgl(3) specifically, in October 2014 I wrote on this list:

> vgl(3) is a graphics library for syscons(4) that provides some basic
> graphics operations (e.g. some mode setting, bitmaps, boxes,
> ellipses). Right now it does not support the newer vt(4) console.
> In order to help determine the priority of a porting effort to add
> vt(4) support I'd like to better understand where vgl is being used
> now. I'd be interested in hearing about both open source software
> using vgl as well as proprietary or internal applications. So if
> you're using vgl I'd appreciate a follow up (in private is fine) with
> a brief description of your use case.

That received exactly one private reply, where it was pointed out that
dosbox is an example consumer. Nobody replied to say they actually use

I will post a followup to -stable to ask the same question, but
please, let me know if you use vgl(3) in open source or proprietary
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