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> >Brian Somers writes:
> >> Also (Mark sits beside me at work), is there anyone else out there 
> >> that actually runs FreeBSD-current under VMWare (irrespective of the 
> >> host OS) ?
> This problem has now been traced down to a bug in the lnc driver, where
> multiple instances are installed.
> This surfaced as a result of changes made on 16th May.

Specifically, the lnc driver declares NLNC softcs.  Mark has an isa 
style ``device lnc0'' in his config and then uses vmware with two 
configured devices.

config <kernel> produces lnc.h which contains ``#define NLNC 1'' and 
if_lnc_pci.c dives in and starts writing to the second softc.

I'll look at fixing this at some point if you don't have time Paul :-I

This may have broken because Paul changed the softc decl from static 
to just global (so that the other if_lnc*.c modules can get at it).... 
either that or Mark has been ``just lucky'' so far and the lnc driver 
has never worked properly with more than one device.  This would neatly 
explain why he's seen funny errors in the past - one of them was a 
message to you Garrett saying that your npx.c modification to do no 
more than output a boot-time diagnostic seemed to screw up his 
kernel !!!

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