Brian Somers wrote:
> > In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Archie Cobbs
> > <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes
> > >Brian Somers writes:
> > >> Also (Mark sits beside me at work), is there anyone else out there
> > >> that actually runs FreeBSD-current under VMWare (irrespective of the
> > >> host OS) ?
> >
> > This problem has now been traced down to a bug in the lnc driver, where
> > multiple instances are installed.
> >
> > This surfaced as a result of changes made on 16th May.
> Specifically, the lnc driver declares NLNC softcs.  Mark has an isa
> style ``device lnc0'' in his config and then uses vmware with two
> configured devices.

Actually, PCI cards allocated their own softc dynamically, only ISA
cards accessed the softc array.
> config <kernel> produces lnc.h which contains ``#define NLNC 1'' and
> if_lnc_pci.c dives in and starts writing to the second softc.
> I'll look at fixing this at some point if you don't have time Paul :-I

Just got back from the Perl cruise, still catching up with things.
> This may have broken because Paul changed the softc decl from static
> to just global (so that the other if_lnc*.c modules can get at it)....
> either that or Mark has been ``just lucky'' so far and the lnc driver
> has never worked properly with more than one device.  This would neatly

It was working with more than one device (one PCI and one ISA) the day I
left, which was 19 May. I think the changes to the PCI and ISA
compatibility code modified something relating to unit number allocation
that caused the ISA driver to get a unit number > NLNC whereas before
the ISA instances would come first and the PCI instances would get unit
numbers after the ISA cards, since the PCI part of the driver creates
softc structures dynamically that worked fine.


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