On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 09:22:23PM +0200, Tim Čas wrote:
> On 20 July 2016 at 20:33, Don Lewis <truck...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> > wc(1) has problems with its multibyte support pointed out by Coverity
> > as I recall.
> Not sure how critical that issue is (e.g. byte counts [`-c`], line
> counts [`-l`], and such should still work as intended; whether word
> counts work or not depends on whether we should count Unicode
> whitespace as, well, whitespace). I do wonder if everyone agrees that
> an effort should be made towards UTF-8 default, though?
> I'm willing to contribute some of my time to fixing these bugs, but I
> don't think I can fix *all* of this by myself. I guess wc(1) is as
> good a start as any, but I'd first like to talk to whoever is the
> maintainer for that bit of code, as I've never done any work in base
> before (only in ports).

good I would recommand to have a look at work done in OpenBSD in that regards,
since about a year Ingo Schwarze is atting UTF-8 support to all the tool in
their base system, including wc(1) not sure how theirs differs from our.

If working on that do not hesitate to push the changes you do propose in
https://reviews.freebsd.org and add me as a reviewer

https://wiki.freebsd.org/CodeReview might be useful to determine how to simply
use phabricator.

Do not hesitate to mail me if you need any help in that area.

Best regards,

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