If memory serves me right, Thomas Schuerger wrote:
> > > Is there already a tool that checks the installed ports for available
> > > updates in /usr/ports?
> > > 
> > > I've written such a tool, which seems to work fine already. Anyone
> > > interested?
> > 
> > pkg_version(1)
> Ah, haven't seen that before. The output of pkg_version is very
> canonical, but not very readable for humans. And it's slower than my
> version... ;-)

Without having looked at ports_updates yet, let me just mention that:

1.  If you want human-readable output, try "pkg_version -v".  Maybe 
that should have been a default; certainly I always run it that way.  
But in the case that a program was going to postprocess the output, I 
didn't want it to have to wade through a bunch of pretty-printing stuff 
to get the results it needed.

2.  When I was writing pkg_version, speed wasn't exactly a big priority 
to me, since pretty much *anything* was faster than what I was doing.


PS.  I've been really bad about ignoring suggestions for pkg_version, 
mostly because it does everything I need/want it to do right now.

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