(CC'ing Glen for review, since he was the last to touch that file and
may know better).

Hi Guy;

On 07/30/16 17:37, Guy Yur wrote:

openresolv 3.8.1 added RESTARTCMD=@RESTARTCMD@ in
It is not replaced by the sed expressions in sbin/resolvconf/Makefile.

Error seen is "eval: @RESTARTCMD@: not found".

Current @RESTARTCMD \(.*\)@ sed expression needs to be kept for
pdns_recursor.in and a new expression added to replace @RESTARTCMD@.

I see, you mean here:


The following worked for me:
RESTARTCMD_=    "/usr/sbin/service \\$$1 onestatus >/dev/null 2>\&1
\&\& /usr/sbin/service \\$$1 restart"

sed ... \
  ... \
  -e 's:@RESTARTCMD@:${RESTARTCMD_}:g' \

And perhaps something like the attached patch (is the underscore
a typo?).

I don't see the error message though. so I need some confirmation that
this fixes the issue.

Index: sbin/resolvconf/Makefile
--- sbin/resolvconf/Makefile	(revision 303557)
+++ sbin/resolvconf/Makefile	(working copy)
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
 		-e 's:@LIBEXECDIR@:${FILESDIR}:g' \
 		-e 's:@VARDIR@:${VARDIR}:g' \
 		-e 's:@RESTARTCMD \(.*\)@:${RESTARTCMD}:g' \
+		-e 's:@RESTARTCMD@:${RESTARTCMD}:g' \
 		-e 's:@RCDIR@:${RCDIR}:g' \
 		-e 's: vpn : ng[0-9]*&:g' \
 		${DIST}/$@.in > $@
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