At 12:07 AM -0500 6/9/00, Dan Nelson wrote:
>I still suggest not using symbols at all, since I'd like to
>be able to quickly remove tempfiles by hand without worrying
>if I have to escape # or ^, etc.

Uh, if I understand the update, the '#' is ALREADY used for
this, in the current implementation.  If you haven't been
having any trouble with it for the past few years, it seems
odd to worry about it with the new implementation.

Also, you do not have to worry about '^' in the middle of
a filename.  That is only significant when it's the first
character of the line.  Yes, someone might worry about it
the first time they go to delete a file with one of those
characters in it's name, but it won't take too long before
they learn either to just 'rm blah*' or they'll learn that
they do not have to worry about it.

Just MO.

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