In the last episode (Jun 08), Kris Kennaway said:
> On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Boris Popov wrote:
> >     Count both, nwfs and smbfs, because any program can attempt to
> > create temporary file on these filesystems. File with an invalid
> > file name will be rejected, and this will cost an additional lookup
> > operation(s).
> I'm not sure that weird filesystems are a valid argument against
> mktemp() naming - there are LOTS of UNIX code which assumes UNIX
> namespace conventions, and it's not just mktemp() which is going to
> break on weird filesystems. For example, should we limit all FreeBSD
> file names to 8.3 single-case in case someone wants to run from an
> old-style MSDOS partition?

I still suggest not using symbols at all, since I'd like to be able to
quickly remove tempfiles by hand without worrying if I have to escape #
or ^, etc.  Considering the great jump in randomness between the
orginal and the proposed (65536 -> 916132832 just using [A-Za-z0-9] ),
I'd rather stick with easy-to-read and type tempnames.
> Basically, I think the answer is not to use a nwfs or smbfs
> filesystem as your TMPDIR :-)

mktemp() doesn't use TMPDIR; the user gets to pass a template of his
choosing, which could reasonably be just "bobXXXXX.tmp".

        Dan Nelson

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