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> Running 12-CURRENT (FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT #32 r306579: Sun Oct  2 09:34:50 
> CEST 2016 ), I
> have a NanoBSD setup which creates an image for a router device.
> The problem I face is related to ZFS. The system has a system's SSD (Samsung 
> 850 Pro,
> 256GB) which has an UFS filesystem. Aditionally, I have also a backup and a 
> data HDD,
> both WD, one 3 TB WD RED Pro, on 4 TB WD RED (the backup device). Both the 
> sources for
> the NanoBSD and the object tree as well as the NANO_WORLDDIR are residing on 
> the 3 TB
> data drive. 
> The box itself has 8 GB RAM. When it comes to create the memory disk, which 
> is ~ 1,3 GB
> in size, the NanoBSD script starts creating the memory disk and then 
> installing world
> into this memory disk. And this part is a kind of abyssal in terms of the 
> speed.

Can you reproduce the issue if you replace the memory disk with
a zvol or tmpfs?

While I agree that depulication could be the cause of the problem,
it probably wouldn't hurt to rule out a memory-disk related issue
before recreating the pool.


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