El día Sunday, October 09, 2016 a las 01:53:24AM +0200, Michael Gmelin escribió:

> Would I maybe make sense to have man pages for specific laptops (instead
> of the "FreeBSD Laptop" page, blogs on the internet and Wiki pages).
> Just thinking that after this change, people will need to know the
> correct addresses for device.hints to make isl and cyapa work, and
> putting things like that (and other hints, e.g. to route the Intel HDA
> correctly) into a man page ("apropos c720") would be the next best
> thing to having it work out of the box.

Good idea. The problem with such an approach is, that new laptops get
only inserted into man pages when some maintainer/approver does so and
seldom if someone brings a new device to working (more or less) with

In the past (some 15 years ago) there was a database and a web frotnend
where people (everyone) could insert/update a new working device. It was
here: http://laptop.bsdgroup.de/freebsd/ but the site is offline for
many year. I even tried and contacted the provide of 'bsdgroup.de' to
get a copy of the database, w/o any luck.


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