On, Thu Sep 01, 2016, Andriy Voskoboinyk wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> rtwn(4), urtwn(4) and urtwm (from previous emails) drivers were merged
> into a
> single rtwn driver (plus rtwn_usb / rtwn_pci device glue); the code is
> available on https://github.com/s3erios/rtwn repository. Among bugfixes /
> code deduplication, there some new features too:

It took a while to test both, the github version as well as the most
recent version on -CURRENT (r307731) with my RTL8188CE (PCI).

The github version worked well until 2016-09-05 (commit 580cef).
Throughput was limited to around 400 kbit/s.
The next test from 2016-09-16 (commit a018e741) caused a better throughput,
mostly up to around 1.2 Mbit/s. Its stability was bad, though.
Kernel panics as well as random lockups of the interface struck often.
The version as of r307731 in -CURRENT is just as bad. It feels as if the
stability improvements from r302035 have been reverted.

What can I do to help you to improve the situation?


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