I've the aspeed tyan video drivers for V9, but using v11 from when it was 
What chances of 
xf86-video-ast    formulated?
the .la and .so working out of the box if placed in the filesystem?  I usually 
have to upgrade those in -nv- etc..
 Anyone using a server board with IPMI and a pcie slot for "usual" GPU and 
running BSD that
  way rather than serial port (like an upgrade ?)  OR do the voltages not match 
in that kind
  of serverboard (tyan in this instance , Xeon ) for aftermarket GPU? 
Would not ask here, but I spent a whole lot of time today learning IPMI and I'd 
rather learn about a
hardware workaround...  I've spent years around IPMI hardware but not in an 
administrative capacity.
Also, the hardware is not physically onsite yet so no chance to test / 
configure it that way.
Thanks in advance for any insight.

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