Am 16. November 2016 21:08:43 MEZ, schrieb Jeffrey Bouquet 
> […]
> Anyone using a server board with IPMI and a pcie slot for "usual" GPU
> and running BSD that
> way rather than serial port (like an upgrade ?)  OR do the voltages
> not match in that kind
>   of serverboard (tyan in this instance , Xeon ) for aftermarket GPU? 

AFAIK the main difference between
a PCIe-for-Graphics slot and a regular
x16 one is how much power they provide.
From the graphics one a card can draw
up to 75W, the regular ones only provide

So a low-power graphics card would 
work but the system's BIOS/firmware
may not initialize it and thus not use 
the card during POST.
Maybe the BIOS has an option which
graphics chip to use as the primary one.
Or an option to disable the onboard one.
If something like this is present adding
a graphics card sure would work.

Googling a bit I came across the
ZOTAC GeForce GT 710 PCIE x 1
which should do the job quite nicely.
Current price seems to be ~40€
so no big loss if it doesn't work.

> […]
And maybe check the board's manual
for an option to disable the onboard
graphics, too.
> ...........
> Thanks in advance for any insight.
> Jeff

Regards, Florian
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