John Baldwin wrote:
> On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 11:49:32 PM Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> > > Thanks for the Q. John,
> > > It hangs.
> > > I'm refining down which line of the custom config triggers the hang
> > > & will post when Ive found it.
> > 
> > Sorry, after lots of kernel variants & reboots I failed to get it
> > to hang on boot.  Eventually with same src/ I reverted to original
> > bad config. Even that wouldn't hang on boot, so I've given up ! :-/
> Perhaps a stale .o wasn't being recompiled?  None of your kernel option
> changes seemed to be related, so I suspect it was something oddball like that.

Yes, good guess, (I'd even wondered about bad sectors, heat etc,
not ntpd as all local FS  .. ). 

PS at least it got me to review my config, drop & adopt some options,
& get all in the same order as GENERIC.


Julian Stacey, BSD Linux Unix Sys Eng Consultant Munich
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