On Sun, Jun 11, 2000 at 08:03:22PM +1000, Jacob A. Hart wrote:
> Using idprio as Volodymyr suggested seems to be a viable workaround.  You
> mentioned in another message that idprio could potentially deadlock my
> machine, though.  Under what conditions could this happen (and how likely
> is it to occur)? 

  That things were beautifully described in [id|rt]prio man page. idprio makes process 
idle, so it gets only time slices left _after_ ditributing them among normal 
processes. rtprio makes process priority realtime so each time slice is distributed to 
this process and only leftover went to system. If you make rtprio dnetc, the system 
near hangs and understands only three buttons but one minute after pressing them.. ;) 
So using idprio would not hang the machine.

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