The challenge right now is figuring out how to implement / commit the
linux-y bits that the linux layer really wants. Kip has done a pretty
great job at figuring out the minimum set of hilarity that needs to go
into base versus linuxkpi.

But the "challenge" is figuring out some comprimise between what's
done and what we can do in FreeBSD land. Those changes are small but
unfortunately change the expectations we have. If someone's willing to
step up and help out with the linuxkpi side of things and the base
system bits (the new lock, some UMA changes, some VM changes, the
interrupt model that we have versus linux and what we're allowed to
do, etc, etc) then that'll really help.

I can help try to get stuff reviewed and help people know where some
of the quirky controversial bits are, but I don't have the cycles to
modify/rewrite any of it all to land in -HEAD. I need some help with

If you're interested in helping out and can take some direction then
sign up and we'll figure the bits out.


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