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309945 by dteske:
1 is the default descriptor for redirects without an fd prefix

309944 by dteske:
Fix invalid parameter expansion (change $@ to "$@")

Without quotes, $@ loses its special meanining (see below)

% sh -c 'echo $@' /bin/sh "   1   " "   2   "
1 2
% sh -c 'echo "$@"' /bin/sh "   1   " "   2   "
   1       2

The quotes are required to get ARGV to be unperterped

309942 by dteske:
Allow the script path to contain whitespace and special characters

309941 by dteske:
Use provided API to centralize dialog title strings

309940 by dteske:
Reorder dialog parameters based on commonality for readability

309939 by dteske:
Fix incorrect use of provided API
The result of which was incorrectly sized menu dialogs

309938 by dteske:
Use provided API (change "dialog" to "$DIALOG")

309937 by dteske:
Whitespace (dialog options separated to minimize diffs)

309936 by pfg:
ed(1): Simplify some checks.

The return type for both fread(3) and fwrite(3) cannot be negative, this
renders some checks invalid and variable 'ct' unnecessary.
Also bump 'len' to size_t to avoid signed/unsigned comparison warnings.

309935 by manu:
Use the spibus accessor when applicable.

MFC after:      3 days

309934 by dteske:
Consolidate redirects into here documents, with proper code indentation

309933 by hrs:
- Refactor listening socket list.  All of the listening sockets are
  now maintained in a single linked-list in a transport-independent manner.
- Use queue.h for linked-list structure.
- Use linked-list for AllowedPeers.
- Use getaddrinfo(8) even for Unix Domain sockets.
- Use macros to type-casting from/to struct sockaddr{,_in,_in6}.
- Define fu_* macro for union f_un to shorten the member names.
- Remove an extra #include <sys/type.h>.
- Add "static" to non-exported symbols.
- !INET support is still incomplete but will be fixed later.

There is no functional change except for some minor debug messages.

309932 by dteske:
Remove an unnecessary "return $?" at end of function

309931 by hrs:
Temporarily backout the previous commit because it was totally broken due to
unresolved merge conflicts.

Pointy hat to:  hrs

309930 by dteske:
Use ternary operator

309929 by mjg:
vfs: use vrefact in getcwd and fchdir

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