On Thu, Dec 29, 2016 at 11:44:20AM +0100, O. Hartmann wrote:
> from my own experience I left the path of "portsnap" and stay with svn alone. 
> portsnap
> tends to "flood" the /var filesystem with a tremendous number of files over 
> time. Each
> time you issue "portsnap fetch update", a file appears in /var/portsnap - it 
> could be
> that the files appear in /var/db, I can't remember. Deleting them with "rm 
> -rf *" leaves
> me then with an error from "rm": the argument line is to long due to the 
> number of files.
> Therefore, I switched to svn.
> Well, svn itself is pumping up /usr/ports/.svn where it keeps all logs. 
> Depending on the
> frequency of updates it grows. I do the same for /usr/src and by the time of 
> fetching
> almost every day several times a day updates, the folder .svn is as large
> as /usr/src itself in its pristine state when fetched initially. For
> long-haul/long-running systems I'm concerned about the flood of data coming 
> in and

'svn cleanup .' will reduce the size of .svn/ by deleting old copies of pristine
files that are no longer needed.

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