On 1/6/17 10:44 AM, Jonathan Anderson wrote:
On 6 Jan 2017, at 12:48, Pete Wright wrote:

On 1/6/17 9:14 AM, Matthew Macy wrote:

I just did the merge and it's using a relatively untested new KPI so
regressions aren't too surprising I'm afraid. #96 is more or less
content free in terms of providing useful information. Getting a core
+ backtrace would be a lot more helpful. See the repo's wiki for
details on improving your odds of getting a core.

I have found the following has enabled me to catch kernel panic's
pretty reliably on the drm-next branch when i have the i915kms module


Excellent: I turned that on and got a core, then got another core while
tar'ing up the first core. :)

The machine in question is currently not connected to any network (iwm
is being a bit unhappy), but once it is, where can I put the tarball?

oh great!

i've been having the same problems with iwm too (failing to load firmware on boot). my trick has been to either boot into an old kernel where iwm was mostly usable. also i've commented out the line enabling wlan0 in my rc.conf then uncommented it after boot and manually running "service netif start" to bring up iwm. that method works most of the time...

Pete Wright
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