On 13 Jan 2017, at 17:27, Garance A Drosehn wrote:

> On 13 Jan 2017, at 15:23, Eric Joyner wrote:
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>> It takes forever, but I keep on forgetting to time how long it takes,
>> so I don't know how long "forever" is.
> I do build on older hardware, so it takes a long time.  (hours, iirc)

Here's some sample stats from a build of 9.3-stable back in May:

start=2016-0505-15:30:49        real=9531.41    user=7850.36    sys=920.24
                        duration=9531   outsize=27322524        

start=2016-0505-18:09:53        real=1713.81    user=1323.83    sys=162.50
                        duration=1713   outsize=4611462 target='buildkernel'

start=2016-0505-18:38:32        real=41.59      user=13.56      sys=4.68
                        duration=41     outsize=119067  target='installkernel'

start=2016-0505-18:42:38        real=161.52     user=35.09      sys=17.70
                        duration=161    outsize=1235184 target='installworld'

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