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> It takes forever, but I keep on forgetting to time how long it takes, so I
> don't know how long "forever" is.

Using -DNO_CLEAN on my 12.0-CURRENT / amd64 / 3GB RAM / 3 cores / VMware Fusion 
+ open-vmtools VM…
- … buildworld with special baked WITHOUT/MK options in src.conf: 26 mins
- …. buildkernel of GENERIC/GENERIC-NODEBUG with stripped src.conf and 

Overall time: 40 minutes

Granted, I’m pretty up-to-date (just upgrading a few hundred revs at a time), 
but a from-scratch build on more ample Sandybridge/Haswell hardware with SSDs 
shouldn’t take any longer than 30 mins (if you optimize things heavily, it can 
be less than that).

If you need a beefy box to play with for building en masse (since you’re a 
FreeBSD dev), try the universe*.freebsd.org boxes.


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