El día Thursday, January 19, 2017 a las 10:16:46AM +0100, O. Hartmann escribió:

> I created images on CURRENT of my own - they all lack in the ability of having
> the necessary tools aboard. So I consider every image useless for rescue
> operations except, maybe, the DVD image - but this one is not provided 
> anymore.
> For what reason? Time? Accepted. Space/disk usage? Well, welcome back in the
> stoneage of computer technology ... 

No. The process I'm using to create an image for an USB stick leads to a
complete system from which you can even, after booting it, 'make install...'
to another system mounted on /mnt to the booted USB stick. You can even
enrich the USB stick with 'pkg install ...' up to a complete running KDE
desktop system, all running from the USB stick, to test, for example, a
new hardware if it fits your needs. The stick must be of some 16
marketing-GB, or bigger.

This has nothing todo with stoneage, but is just a matter of preparing
something for your needs. Again, let me know if you need this guide.


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