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Matthias Apitz <> schrieb:

> Why you do not just boot from USB some mem stick image, mount some disk
> space to /mnt, svn checkout CURRENT to /mnt and build a booteable system
> (world and kernel) and install to DESTDIR=/mnt ?
> I do not understand all this hassle?
>       matthias


As I initially stated, that is EXACTLY what I was inclined to do except the 
fact that I
had already an intact /usr/obj and usr/src with a complete compiled system.

I booted from mem stick and I was lost due to no cc!

Even for "make installworld" it seems I have to rely on the compiler. And the 
(ISO, memstick et cetera) provided these days do not contain any clang.

So, I tried /usr/src/release ... for the first time. The image does also not 
contain the
necessary tools for a full "make installworld installkernel" - not to speak of
"compiling" world. I dodn't work (at least for me). 

I try to figure out how to avoid this crazy and useless shrinking of the ISO 
images -
somehow when building NanoBSD, there are knobs with which we can prevent the 
build and/or
installation of subsets like compiler, toolchain et cetera. The way such thing 
provided via src.conf and make.conf is fine and sophisticated. But "RELEASE" 
seems to
handle things different, and the standard is useless for a rescue mission.

So far.

It might be that I have overlooked something ...



O. Hartmann

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