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> Which set of configs from your test suite are you using for this?
> Specifically, what packet size are you slamming across?
> https://github.com/ocochard/netbenches/tree/master/pktgen.configs

​Because I'm in the point of view of a Telco, I'm measuring the «worst»
case, this mean with the smallest frame size.
Here is the exact pkt-gen command line I'm using:
- 60 byte Ethernet frame size (excluding the 4 CRC bytes)
- 2000 UDP flows (20 IP sources * 100 IP destinations)

pkt-gen -U -i igb2 -f tx -n 80000000 -l 60 -d -D 00:0d:b9:41:ca:3d -s -w 4

​Option -U is available on a patched netmap version [1]: It fix the
checksum calculation when using source/destination IP range on NIC that
didn't enable HW CHKSUM in netmap mode and IPv6 support.

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