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> Hi Chris,
> Thank you very much for the screenshots!!!
> On the host there is a 1MB LoaderData memory range, which splits
> the big Conventional Memory range into a small one (15MB) and a
> big one: the small one is too small to hold the staging area.
> I'm going to post a patch shortly.

Can you please try the below patch?
You can find the URL of the "Download Raw Diff" in the page and
'wget' the patch and then apply it.

It should be able to fix the recent UEFI-boot issue introduced by me.

You may not need to re-buildworld. Please this link to replace the
bad 'loader.efi':

I'm planning to commit the patch later today in about 6 hours, because
I'm pretty confident in the patch and it should fix the critical issue...

-- Dexuan
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