On Wed, Apr 05, 2017 at 11:42:16AM -0700, Chris H wrote:
> OK I'm chasing -CURRENT, and I performed an initial
> install, followed by a new world/kernel && ports about a
> mos ago. Last Friday, I svn upped the system (src && ports),
> rebuilt/installed world/kernel. I just began rebuilding
> the ports, only to find that when finished, I will likely
> end up with every version of llvm && clang from version 3
> to the now current 4. My build session is currently tying
> nearly every core on the CPU with llvm builds. Given that
> llvm4 comes in base. Is there *any* reason I can not insist
> that the ports I upgrade, or build, just use the version(s)
> of clang/llvm in base? If so. How do I inform the ports
> that they may *only* use the version(s) in base?

In general you can't.  There are many reasons including: the base llvm
doesn't include the requisite cmake bits for cmake based ports, some
ports use unstable APIs and require specific LLVM versions, and some use
LLVM tools or libraries that aren't built/installed as part of the base

There are probably some ports where the base clang is fine but that's
probably mostly down to someone getting USES variables right.

-- Brooks

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