To the VNET (VIMAGE) update project team members

Release 11.0 has some out standing VNET (VIMAGE) PR's that need addressing.

I believe 212000 and 212013 would require an rewrite replacing the kernel method they use to the user land method as used by ipfw. At the very lease it should be documented somewhere that pf & ipfilter do not work in an vnet/vimage jail.

PR 212031 looks like a vimage/vnet problem to me.

To the members of current, This bug report is not a jail(8) problem but a kernel problem that needs to be addressed. Could someone please look into fixing it. I effects all jail(8) users.

There is also the matter of removing the depreciated rc.conf jail definition method from the rc.d scripts making the jail.conf method the default. This is long over due and maybe something over looked in the 11.0 release.

Thank you for your attention.

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