> On 11. apr 2017, at 17:42, Masachika ISHIZUKA <i...@amail.plala.or.jp> wrote:
>> replaced /boot/loader with /boot/loader.old (which was from end of
>> March)
>> copied /boot/loader.efi from the r315864 snapshot USB image
>> into /boot/loader.efi of the broken systems.
>> Aprt from the fact that I don't know which one is broken, the boxes are
>> booting again.
>> Conclusion: UEFI loader is broken!
>  Hi.
>  I'm using dell xps12 9q33 (core i7-4500U) with an internal SSD.
>  As reporting Bug 218473, I cannot boot /boot/loader.efi after
> r316585.  Replacing only loader.efi before r316584, I can boot
> again.
> -- 
> Masachika ISHIZUKA

Yea, it seems to be the same issue for both of you, now have some work to do to 
identify why this does happen.

from loader prompt the lsdev -v output would be helpful - you can send it 
directly, we do not need to spam the list:)

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