On 2017-04-15 07:53, O. Hartmann wrote:
> Recent CURRENT running on a server makes the system booting in multiuser mode 
> booting
> incredibly slow! On a machine, before I interrupted the booting process 
> hanging in
> starting postgresql 9.6.2 server, it took > 10 minutes.
> Due to a serious bug in CURRENT, I had to disable BPF_JITTER via sysctl
> net.bpf_jitter.enable=0
> The box also is a syslog "receiving" server for other hosts, syslogd's option 
> "-s" isn't
> used (just for the record).
> I'm back to r316717 now which boots the box fine.
> Booting in single-user mode is also quick as expected.
> oh

Is it stalled in a specific place?

Allan Jude

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