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> >And I understand that the Cloudflare/f-root server issue isn't quite
> >that recent: "The new f-root servers appeared around two weeks ago...."
> And isn't the zone cache expiry time around two weeks as well ?
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Regardless, I observe that my laptop was (somewhat) affected by this,
but my build machine did not appear to be affected.

The build machine has very few ports install, runs a GENERIC kernel,
and normally runs headless, while the laptop normally runs xdm and
has my (somewhat old-fashioned) set of ports for a user-facing
machine.  But among the ports on which X11 depends is dbus, and
dbus-daemon was one of the processes that was apparently spinning
in CPU without evidence of accomplishing much of anything, so the
X11 environment wasn't usable.  (I was able to login to and use a
vty on the laptop, though.)

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