Andrey V. Elsukov wrote:
On 27.04.2017 08:42, Tom Uffner wrote:
r315956 panicked about 22 min after boot. failed to dump a core.

Why not update to the latest revision?

I did several times a while ago, but didn't get a panic free system. I was
hoping to bisect the point the point where the problem actually occurred
and maybe send a patch instead of just begging for help. trouble was, I got
down to a small number of revisions and none of them had any changes that
looked even remotely related to my problem. I'll give today's HEAD a try.

Probably this is flowtable related, don't think it is usable.
Anyway we need the trace to determine the cause. Also it seems you have
VIMAGE enabled. This also have some known panics.

OK, I will also try disabling flowtable. Not sure about VIMAGE. I don't
have it specifically enabled, but I don't have it specifically disabled
either if it defaults to on. I don't know much about it.

I have also tried using the GENERIC kernel instead of my custom one, but
it was even less stable on my hardware and bricked the system instead of
panicking and producing a core dump.
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