> On 3. mai 2017, at 21:23, Michael W. Lucas <mwlu...@michaelwlucas.com> wrote:
> On Wed, May 03, 2017 at 09:11:05PM +0300, Toomas Soome wrote:
>>> On 3. mai 2017, at 21:06, Michael W. Lucas <mwlu...@michaelwlucas.com> 
>>> wrote:
>>> On Wed, May 03, 2017 at 08:03:21PM +0300, Toomas Soome wrote:
>>>> There was many issues fixed step by step and some fixes for particular 
>>>> problem did reveal next one (at least in some systems), and indeed, it can 
>>>> cause some problems if you are caught in middle of updates. From my point 
>>>> of view, the most important question is if the current “current” is ok:)
>>> Agreed 500%.
>>> The latest snapshot is NOT ok.
>> What is the error there?
> error 1
> error 1
> gptzfsboot: error 1 lba 4294967288
> gptzfsboot: error 1 lba 1
> gptzfsboot: no ZFS pools located, can't boot
> My first thought was that the BIOS was looking at a different drive,
> not the SATADOMs, so I disabled booting from all the spinning drives
> in the BIOS.
> On a related note: my script at http://www-old.michaelwlucas.com/zm.sh 
> <http://www-old.michaelwlucas.com/zm.sh>
> also gives the same error at boot.

well, yea, i know what it is. sigh. Welcome to the x86 hell.

error 1 is: Invalid command. And it is resulting firstly from drvsize() (the 
lone “error 1” messages) and then from drvread(). Now the question is, did you 
do the install from usb stick or cd, and has this system booted fbsd from the 
disk before?

The question is up because, the boot2 is only using INT13 extended read (INT13 
EAX=0x4200) and INT13 EAX=0x4800 to get disk size; if the read is now getting 
error but was working before, it is pointing towards the error from 0x4800 
(drvsize) is triggering the error with read - meaning we should probably 
attempt the disk reset on error.

As an first take on possible fix, I think we need to address the drvsize() to 
get size from INT13 0x800 as biosdisk.c bd_int13probe() does, and reset the 
disk on error. And if this is not enough, then check further.

However, since you have the system to test with, the testing is all on you;) So 
if you are up to the task, poke me in private (mail or irc) and we can work it 
out - no need to kill the list with all that noise;)


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