> On May 13, 2017, at 11:01, Ngie Cooper (yaneurabeya) <yaneurab...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> Hi,
>       I’ve been noticing some really weird behavior with terminal input after 
> updating my kernel/userland — in particular, if I do `arc diff —create` 
> (which opens vi/vim), and try to do edits/use ^c, it will terminate the 
> running process for `arc diff —create`. Similarly, I was seeing really weird 
> input via vim (when doing `svn ci`) where if I had one of the editing modes 
> on, like insert, it would delete several lines at once; I worked around this 
> by using ^c to terminate insert mode, but that’s a really bad hack. It worked 
> ok with r316745, got worse in r317727, and doesn’t seem to be any better in 
> r318250.

I forgot to mention: I’m using SSH to access my machine.

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