On 21 May 2017, at 15:36, Benjamin Kaduk wrote:

On Sun, May 21, 2017 at 02:57:33PM +0200, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:

What I want to propose now, it to render them as PDF (html?) once and push them somewhere (to be defined) as static document on our documentation website.
Please doceng@ provide me a location where to push them.

And then remove bsd.doc.mk from FreeBSD 12.0 along with the removal of groff. I also want to remove most of roff related tools (the one provided by toolchains available in ports) for which we kept a BSD version (not really maintained in
- checknr
- vgrind
- colcrt

Only keeping:
- col (useful in other places than roff)
- soelim (also used for manpages and we have a clean BSD licensed version which
  is also now parts of mandoc)

That sounds like a good plan to me.  Thank you for putting in all
the time trying out the alternate roff toolchains!

+1. I agree that /usr/share/doc is strictly legacy; only the man pages matter for base.

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