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mc> Thanks for all your work on this project. As I still use roff for
mc> our book and for many of my presentations, it is a topic of interest
mc> to me. That said, I am fine with roff dropping out of base as I can
mc> easily enough bring it in from ports. And I am curious to try using
mc> heirloom doctools on our book to see if it works. We do some pretty
mc> evil things with diversions, so I can easily believe that it will
mc> not work. But it would be great if it does work, because the groff
mc> in base has some bugs that are annoying to work around.

 JFYI, I am working on porting/adjust roff macros used in D&I book to
 make them compatible with heirloom doctools in parallel with the
 translation work because heirloom doctools has better support of
 UTF-8 and pnon-English font set.  The modified MS macro and most of
 other small macros worked with some minor modifications though
 refer(1) in heirloom lacks flexibility in style specification.

-- Hiroki

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