On 2000-Jun-19 12:03:40 +1000, Warner Losh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> "Jeroen C. van Gelderen" writes:
>: Pseudo random numbers are so cheap (or they should be) that you 
>: just don't want to try and 'optimize' here. It is much better to 
>: be conservative and use a good PRNG until it *proves* to be very
>: problematic.
>I disagree with this strongly.  PRNG have proven time and time again
>to weaken security due to their less than random nature.  It is my
>judgement that going down this path would be very bad, especially when 
>cryptographically strong random number generators exist and are part
>of the base FreeBSD system.  We should just use those...

The PRNG in question is arc4random() - which AFAIK rates as
"cryptographically strong".  I don't believe that mktemp(3) warrants
the use of /dev/random (or even /dev/urandom).


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