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> I remember some ports on FreeBSD-current were rendered nonbuildable by the
> introduction of 64-bit inodes (ino64).
> What is the progress on resolving those snags?
> I haven't heard anything recently and was unable to find anything on
> wiki.freebsd.org.
> So how do I know the current status?
> I am particularly concerned with gcc5-aux and gcc6-aux which should be of
> concern because ports-mgmt/synth requires gcc6-aux as a dependency.
> There was never a BROKEN in any of these ports' Makefile.
> Tom

IIRC, there was no general issue with building ports, though a few may have
needed a fix. It was that packages built after the change were not
available and older binaries would not work. I believe that the issue went
away as soon as a new package build was completed. This took longer than
usual as ALL packages had to be re-built, not just those which had been
updated since the last build.
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