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> > I remember some ports on FreeBSD-current were rendered nonbuildable by the
> > introduction of 64-bit inodes (ino64).

> > What is the progress on resolving those snags?

> > I haven't heard anything recently and was unable to find anything on
> > wiki.freebsd.org.

> > So how do I know the current status?

> > I am particularly concerned with gcc5-aux and gcc6-aux which should be of
> > concern because ports-mgmt/synth requires gcc6-aux as a dependency.

> > There was never a BROKEN in any of these ports' Makefile.

> Tom

> IIRC, there was no general issue with building ports, though a few may have
> needed a fix. It was that packages built after the change were not
> available and older binaries would not work. I believe that the issue went
> away as soon as a new package build was completed. This took longer than
> usual as ALL packages had to be re-built, not just those which had been
> updated since the last build.

> Kevin Oberman, Part time kid herder and retired Network Engineer

So I guess I could update my FreeBSD-current installation, building from 
11-stable host, and try again to build synth?

But all the dependencies that build successfully and installed before the 
system crash would have to be rebuilt from the start.

It will take some time before I get to it, with an 11.1-BETA2 installation 
being built up and some NetBSD installations being updated (not easy, problems 
are such as to dissuade me from tryimg to use pkgsrc on FreeBSD).

I know that any old FreeBSD-current installation from January 2016 or August 
2015 must not be touched lest all or nearly all packages be rendered 
nonfunctional due to shared libraries out of sync, not to mention ino64.

Upgrade after FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE/BETA2 installation is built up and ready to 
take over.

One thing that might put rebuilding FreeBSD-current to a higher priority would 
be an update to 


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