On 2017-Jul-07 10:44:36 -0400, Michael Butler <i...@protected-networks.net> 
>Recent builds doing a backup (dump) cause nonsensical errors in syslog:

I can't directly offer any ideas but some more background might help:
When did you first notice this (what SVN revision)?
Do you know what the last good SVN revision was?
Is this a new or old filesystem?
Is the filesystem mounted/active or not when you dump it?
What are the relevant parameters for the filesystem on ada0s3a?
Are you running softupdates, journalling etc?
Which dump(8) phase is reporting the errors?
What are the exact dump and fsck commands you ran?

>I now have two UFS-based systems showing the same symptoms - what's up 
>with this?

Was there anything you did on either filesystem that might have triggered it?

Peter Jeremy

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