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Peter Jeremy peter at rulingia.com wrote on
Sat Jul 8 02:00:47 UTC 2017 :

> When did you first notice this (what SVN revision)?
> Do you know what the last good SVN revision was?
> Is this a new or old filesystem?
> Is the filesystem mounted/active or not when you dump it?
> What are the relevant parameters for the filesystem on ada0s3a?
> Are you running softupdates, journalling etc?
> Which dump(8) phase is reporting the errors?
> What are the exact dump and fsck commands you ran?

I can add a little information with some contrast
and only "fsck -B" in use (with an unclean file
system from a prior crash), no dump use. Still:
a snapshot is involved in the below.

Unfortunately two problems with major consequences
for my involved context limit the svn range that I
can cover for the activity, the problem version
ranges being:

-r319722 through -r320651 (fixed by -r320652)
(actually this is why I had used "boot -s" 
in what I report later: I could get to a
shell prompt that way instead of crashing
before any login prompt; the crashes left
the file system in need of repair)

-r320509 through -r320561 (fixed by -r320570)

So I was using -r320570 to avoid one of the
two problems.

Context: 32-bit powerpc FreeBSD used on PowerMac G5
so-called "Quad-core". (So big-endian as well.)
Softupdates, no journalling. Long-in-use file
system having lots of FreeBSD versions updates
and port rebuilds over the time.

The following is from now, not from the time of the
example messages:

# dumpfs / | more
magic   19540119 (UFS2) time    Fri Jul  7 22:53:34 2017
superblock location     65536   id      [ <OMITTED> ]
ncg     158     size    25165823        blocks  24372006
bsize   32768   shift   15      mask    0xffff8000
fsize   4096    shift   12      mask    0xfffff000
frag    8       shift   3       fsbtodb 3
minfree 8%      optim   time    symlinklen 120
maxbsize 32768  maxbpg  4096    maxcontig 4     contigsumsize 4
nbfree  2130375 ndir    65518   nifree  11769796        nffree  425065
bpg     20032   fpg     160256  ipg     80128   unrefs  0
nindir  4096    inopb   128     maxfilesize     2252349704110079
sbsize  4096    cgsize  32768   csaddr  5048    cssize  4096
sblkno  24      cblkno  32      iblkno  40      dblkno  5048
cgrotor 127     fmod    0       ronly   0       clean   0
metaspace 6408  avgfpdir 64     avgfilesize 16384
flags   soft-updates trim 
fsmnt   /
volname FBSDG4Srootfs   swuid   0       providersize    25165823
. . .

What I had done that produced the messages was:

<Prior failed multi-user boot from system problem
leaves root (only) file system not marked clean
so fsck -B will actually do something below>

boot -s (so: single user mode)
# The next 3 lines are the content of a generic, manually-run script.
mount -u /
mount -a -t ufs (but there is no other file system)
swapon -a       (there is a swap partition)
fsck -B

That "fsck -B" caused the same kinds of lines
reported by Michael Butler, happening as fsck
makes a snapshot for the background processing
to use. (I have camera pictures and could type
in some of the lines if needed.)

After those lines was text like (typed in from
an example camera picture):

** //.snap/fsck_snapshot
** Last Mount on /
** Root file system
** Phase 1 - Check Blocks and Sizes
** Phase 2 - Check Pathnames
** Phase 3 - Check Connectivity
** Phase 4 - Check Reference Counts
** Phase 5 - Check Cyl groups
Reclaimed: 0 directories, 1 files, 22680 fragments
780914 files, 4797127 used, 19552199 free (443479 frags, 3288590 blocks, 1.8% 


Mark Millard
markmi at dsl-only.net

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